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Monday, November 20, 2006

Dayton has a bunch of air planes apparently?

Yeah so you remember that I said that Samantha was taking me to Dayton on Saturday, I did not know why? Well here is why: air planes. Yes, there is a “museum” there that is nothing but air planes, so I guess that’s pretty cool. It was a special day kind of there at the air plane museum, it was “family day” there so yes you can imagine there were a lots of little kids running around, they were making “craft papers” and so on with their folks, so I am not really sure why we were there, we do not have a family, we are not married with little children! Ha, can you imagine Brian as a “husband” type, yes it is a little crazy. Anyway the planes were kind of cool, there were a lot of planes there that were pretty old I guess, like for example I did not know they had air planes in Old West times probably? But they were pretty old though. But also there were some (mostly) that were like from a war. But like I said there were a lot of kids running around every where and screaming and so on because like I said it was “family event” and sometimes it was hard to concentrate on the air plane signs and so on to know what each plane was all about, right? But Samantha of course thought the little kids were very cute, I guess that is true, but I think ladies have special ways to see cute because sometimes she would say “oh Brian that little girl is so cute, I bet if we had a little girl someday she would look like that because she kind of looks like us a little bit” but I have to say that one little girl she was talking about was not really cute at all, she had all dried up snot boogers under her nose, that is just gross, why would a parent let their kid have that gross stuff right there on their face. So yes anyway there were some kids who kind of cute I guess, one time a little kid was running by us and he tripped and fell down and started crying but I helped him get up and asked him if he was okay and all that, it is the kind of thing you do to be nice and so on, it is not a big deal, but I picked up his little “craft” stuff for him and he went off to do whatever. Anyway Samantha said I was good with kids and I would probably be a good “dad” someday (Also she gave me a little “kiss” so not all bad I guess right?). Anyway can you imagine Dad Brian? I would have to pick up the kids at school on my bike because I do not have a driver license, but anyway yeah that is kind of weird to think about having little kids or something, but if it makes Samantha happy or whatever I will not say anything about it. So anyway yeah, we saw the air planes and ate at a pizza place that was not too far from there and that was about it, then we drove back to Findlay. We did watch a movie also, it was the one about the gorilla that was in love with the lady, kind of long but it was pretty good.

Okay now that I am done with all the weekend talk and so on I have to talk about this week, it is going to be a little bit crazy this week, the “schedule” of writing on my blog web site is going to be a little bit different (I do not mean that there is a big sheet of paper up on my wall that says when I have to put “writings” on my blog web site, like for example it would say “Monday: write things on the blog web site, Tuesday: write things on the blog web site” and so on, it is not that kind of schedule, and it is not like my week is so complicated that I have to look at a paper to tell me to write on my blog web site, it is just something that I do every day almost without even having to check a schedule, it is a part of my life you know). Anyway here is what I am talking about, remember this is a little crazy this week because it is “thanks giving” time on Thursday this year and I am going to go with Samantha and her family to Youngstown (far drive) for a “dinner trip” to her grandma’s house over there so we are going to drive over there on Wednesday after we get off work at the store, so yes it will be a “night driving” situation. (I will not be driving of course.) Okay so that means I have to pack a suit case (really just a “duffel” bag, I do not have a suit case, even if I did I do not have a suit to put in it anyway) with my clothes in it so we can leave on Wednesday, but here is the problem: Wednesday is laundry day, I have to wash my clothes that day but if I do that I will not really have time to pack, I really need to pack my clothes on Tuesday instead. So yes you are not going to believe it, I am going to do Laundry Day on Tuesday instead of Wednesday so that means I will have to do a short thing on the blog web site on Tuesday because it is Laundry Day (remember on Laundry Day time is a little “tight” so I can only do a short thing because I have to do it on my break, I can not do it before work like “usual”), so maybe I will be able to do a little bit longer on Wednesday, I don’t know. Okay so that is different but here is the thing, I will not be able to do a blog web site writing on Thursday because I will be in Youngstown at Samantha’s grandma’s house and generally grandma types do not have computers, also I will be eating pretty much all day. Then on Friday both me and Samantha have to work pretty much all day at the store, it is a huge “sale” there on that day, lots of people come in because I guess they are tired of sitting around so much and they want to buy a rake or whatever for “exercise”? So I might be able to run over on my break over to the library to write a little thing, I don’t know. I guess it just depends on if people need lots and lots of rakes I guess.


  • At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian I think it is so COOL that Samantha wants to marry with you!!!

    You will be a great "husband" person and maybe even a "dad" person after that. Wow.

    Will you invite me to the wedding???

    I hope you have a good Thanksgiving cause I will stuff my brains out at my grandmas house. Be safe!

  • At 4:07 PM, Blogger Brian said…

    Okay wow I do not want to "hurt your feeling" there but I think maybe you are just maybe getting a little "ahead of your self", we have not been a date couple for too long you know, just a little while, it is not like we are going to a church to have the main guy tell us to kiss the bride and so on. I am not saying that I do not like Samantha, I think it is "obvious" that I like her (like for example why would I be her boy friend if I did not like her), I am just saying that it is not really "marrying" yet if you know what I am talking about, also I am pretty sure you can not want to get married if you are only a date couple for like 2 weeks or whatever (I am not exactly sure how long it has been that we are a date couple, do I count the time when I did not know we were a date couple except I guess we were?).


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