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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I wish I could get a pet or something, like for example a lizard or whatever

The lizard (from the “title”) is really just an example, I do not really want a lizard. I do not have any thing against lizards, they are fine I guess but maybe not the greatest pet in the whole world (not too fun for a lizard to lick you probably). Here is why I bring this up, over the weekend I was over at Samantha’s house (she is my girl friend you know, not too shabby) and anyway I do not know if I have mentioned it before but they have a little bird, actually it is basically her mom’s bird, always she is talking to it like it is a little baby, (ha it is kind if funny, what if you had to put a tiny diaper on a bird, it would not be easy I can guess probably). Anyway I am “making fun” but really it is kind of a cool bird, it does not really do much but if you are kind of still and you do not move too fast and so on, it will sit right on your finger, it kind of holds on with little “claws” but like I said they are little and they do not hurt too much, once I was holding “Henry” on my finger (his name is “Henry”) and I sneezed and he went all crazy, he started flying all around the house, we all had to chase him and so on, even he “pooped” one time on the curtains! Samantha’s mom was not too happy about that but she knew it was just an accident, it is not like I sneezed on purpose but still she does not really let anybody hold “Henry” except her self. Anyway still it is kind of cool to play with a little animal or whatever, I did not really have pets when I was kid, I mean yes, (and you should “pay attention here Mary Ann because this is kind of like your story you put on your comment, I mean it is not exactly the same but you will see what I mean) I had that hamster one time but I left its cage open that one time and we never found it again. How do you lose a hamster? I do not know where it would go, but yes somehow I lost our hamster, dad told me it had escaped into the world or whatever and I could not have another pet if I could not take care of that little rat (I know it was not really a rat, but that is what dad called the hamster, not his real name which was “Green Lantern” because I guess at that time I really liked that super hero Green Lantern with the magic ring power).

Okay anyway here is the point, I think it would be cool to have a pet again, of course here is the problem, Marla (she is my landlady remember?), she will not let me have pets in my apartment, I asked her one time if I could let this dog in my place, it was this old dog that was walking around the place looking for food or whatever and it would let me pet it and stuff, and I thought it would be kind of cool for him to be kind of my buddy I guess up there in my apartment. But of course the answer was “no”, she would say “god sake Brian, I do not need dog poop all over and the barking and so on”. So no dog for Brian, also probably no pet with hair, I am thinking of like cats and mice and things like that. But I think there might be some other kind of pet I could get that does not have hair and does not make a lot of noise and also the poop problems and that kind of thing. So maybe of you could help me out a little bit here, maybe you could leave a comment here on my blog web site to where you could make a “suggestion” about what else kind of pet I could maybe look for, I know there are some places here in Findlay where you can get stuff like that (I mean whatever animal you “suggest”), so help me out please. What is a good animal I could have as a pet (no hair please, also no poop situations)?


  • At 12:36 PM, Blogger Shannon said…

    What about some fish?

  • At 8:57 PM, Anonymous carl d. said…


    I tend to agree with Shannon. Start out with a nice goldfish and see how you like it. Then if it works for you, get another one.

    The only problem is that a fish won't be able to play much with you, being as it has to live in the water and all.

  • At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian I had a turtle one time. You could play with him and even if he did poop it was usually in the aquarium where I kept him unless I took him out and then sometimes he pooped on the floor. Turtle poop is really gross. I won't tell you about it because you probably would throw up again. Anyway, turtles don't eat too much and they only stink when you don't clean out the place where they live like you should do. Turtles are good pets. Mine was named Rosavelt after that one guy that was a president or senator or something. I just thought it was a cool name. Only I don't have a turtle anymore. One day I took Rosavelt out for a walk and to play. I had to go to the bathroom so I went inside. While I was zipping up I heard a car go by and kind of a CRUNCH sound. When I came outside again, Rosavelt was squished all over the street. It was not a good situation. But that won't happen if you get a turtle because you will remember to take it with you to the bathroom I know.


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