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Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekends are more fun when your apartment does not smell like a trash dump

Well okay you know it is Monday, and that is the day it is “usual” for me to talk about “here is what happened with me and Samantha (my girl friend) this weekend, here is the video we watched about suspense” and so on. Do not get me wrong, there is not any thing wrong with a post on my blog web site that talks about stuff like that, I hope there is not any thing wrong with it anyway because that is pretty much what I talk about on my blog web site every single Monday. But this was a weekend of a stupid adventure, here is what I mean: a real adventure is when you go out of your house (apartment also) to go do a thing and stuff happens. A stupid adventure is when you have to do stuff in your apartment because something goes wrong. Maybe I am not being very clear, here is what happened basically: my apartment kind of stank terrible and I did not even realize it.

Okay here is what happened, Samantha came over to pick me up on Saturday, we were going to go to lunch at some place, probably it had sandwiches. Okay but when I opened the door, she said “oh my gosh Brian did some thing die in there, oh my gosh” (yes she said “oh my gosh” twice), but here is the thing, I guess maybe I was just kind of “used” to it by now and I did not really notice the smell. She made me step outside of my apartment for a second (not a fun time for all since it was cold and gray and so on), anyway when I came back in I had to agree with her, yes there was definitely kind of a bad smell, but we could not figure out what it was. It kind of smelled like Marla’s trash cans when she puts them out by the street in the “hot” times of years, basically summer (remember Marla is my land lady sort of, my apartment is the “top” floor of her house where she lives with the husband Gary, who is yes, still out of jail, I still do not know what happened that one time when the police came to get him, anyway I am getting “off the topic”). Okay so Samantha decided that we could wait on lunch for just a little bit while we tried to figure out what was the horrible smell, also I have to admit my apartment is probably not the cleanest place in the world, I guess that would be like for example the place where they make soap, but anyway so Samantha said “we are going to clean this place up to find the stink”. So that is what we did, Samantha helped me put some stuff away, also I worked on cleaning the dishes in the sink, it is kind of weird because I only have “one” in the kitchen, not like in a lot of houses where your sink has “two” sinks in it, you know what I mean, so you can wash in one and rinse in the other one? But I can not do that because it is just one sink, so it takes a little longer or whatever. So we were getting close to being done when Samantha yelled “ah ha” (like they do on TV) and then yelled “oh this is gross”, it turns out that under the cabinet in my bathroom area there was a little container of ranch dip, I could not remember “for my life of me” how it got there, but it I guess had been there for like a 100 years or something (exaggerate) and it was a horrible stink to “high heaven”. Why would the ranch dip be in the bathroom? (Later I remembered how it got there, one day Gary was doing some work on the sink in my bathroom area, remember Gary is kind of a “maintenance” man type, anyway he was working and I gave him a little “snack” while he was working, it is “courtesy”, it was frito chips and ranch dip, not too shabby. I guess when he was done he left them there and I forgot to throw the rest away. The frito chips were actually still in pretty good shape but Samantha made me throw them away too). Okay so we threw everything into the trash outside and left a window open a little to “Air” it out. So that was the stupid adventure with the stinky apartment. the end

So that was pretty much the weekend, oh yeah also we went to see that movie with the foreign man, kind of weird I guess but it was pretty good.


  • At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian one time we went out of town and it smelled REALLY bad in our house. We had a mouse named Hercules and he got out and we couldn't catch him so my Mom set out traps, you know the kind with the glue like you probably have in your store? Anyway when we got home my Mom said "GOOD LORD!!! WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT SMEL????" and my dad looked and looked and finally found one of the glue traps with Hercules in it, only he was all smooshy and gross and smelled really bad. YUCK.

    So I know what a bad smell is! It's a good thing Samantha was there to help!

  • At 11:04 PM, Anonymous carl d. said…

    Well Brian, it certainly sounds like you needed to clean up around the apartment. I must admit I'm surprised Marla let you live there with it in such a state. Doesn't she ever come in?

  • At 11:51 AM, Blogger Brian said…

    Hello carl, thank you for your comment, yes you are right that my place was kind of nasty, I try to do good at keeping it "spic or span" and so on but I have to say I have not done so good lately because there was a "depression" situation with the whole Samantha thing, of course now everything is fine but I just have not had a lot of time to clean and do on. And Marla does not really see me a whole lot, only when it is time for me to pay my rent (I think she likes to "pretend" I am not even up there or whatever).

    And hey Mary Ann you should read what I am going to write about today, it is kind of like what you are talking about a little bit sort of (no dead thing stinky though).


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