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Friday, December 01, 2006

The weekend is “up on us”, it is time for a girl friend surprise maybe?

First of all before I talk about anything about what is going on this weekend I want to talk about another thing that is kind of about what I have been talking about this week (also I just realized that I said “about” in that sentence too many times probably). Here is what I mean, it is “update” time for a couple of things. First of all, an update on my missing shirt, it is my favorite shirt: still missing. If I had a picture of it I would maybe borrow Samantha’s computer at her house (remember she is my girl friend, oh yes I am the big man) to make a “flier” (no, it is not “air plane” material, instead it is like a paper you can give to people, it has “info” about whatever, I do not know why it is called a “flier” because it is obvious that it does not fly, usually it is stuck to a telephone pole with staples with a picture of a dog) anyway the “flier” would not be a dog, instead it would be my shirt. I could put it up at the Laundromat probably, someone could “give me a call” if they found it or something, only there is a problem, I do not have $$$ for a reward. I just hope it is a rich person who finds my shirt so they do not need the $$$ so much. Of course now that I think about it I guess it is a little bit silly to put up a “missing shirt flier”, no one cares about a stupid shirt, it does not love you. But still I hope it “turns up”.

Okay here is the 2nd thing for the “update”, about the Samantha present idea, these are all good ideas maybe, only there is a problem (always there is a problem, right?): I hope these things are not too expensive, there was a good idea from “Shannon” (also here is her web site I guess, her name on the comment had a “link” where you could click her name and it went there, so I guess this is the “Shannon Blog Web Site” except it is something about a hill or whatever, I do not understand what is going on with that, okay anyway here is the “link”: Also did you notice something there? Yes it is true, Brian finally figured out how to do that, no one would help me out on how to make the “link” work so I got on the internet and figured out how to do it, it turns out there is a little button there on the place where you write your “post” for your blog web site, it is not really hard at all. So yes I am the “internet super star” not really.) Okay so I kind of got “off the topic” a little bit, anyway “Shannon” said to give Samantha a lotion or something, so I will try to look at the Great Scot, it is basically a grocery store but also they have a row where it is like soap and lotion and so on, I will “check it out”. But other things, I do not know, like for example the statue of a “precious moment”, I am not really sure what that is, but I know if it is “precious” it is probably a “precious cost”! I mean expensive. Okay and then Mary Ann says of course to give jewels to show I love Samantha. Okay here is the thing, I have not really said that yet to her (the “I love you” part I mean), when are you supposed to say that to a girl friend? I am not “experience” with that part yet. Also how do you know? I know sometimes you say “I like that girl” but isn’t that kind of the same thing but more like “that girl is my friend that I can kiss” but where “I love that girl” is more like “me and that girl are marrying with a ring and so on”, so it is a little complicated. I thought a girl friend is supposed to be fun, and it is fun, we still have a good time on dates (except is it still a date if you are boy friend and girl friend and you do not really “ask her out”, instead you just do stuff together all the time, I think a date is when you like make “appointments” to go eat and so no), anyway I wish I was not all the time worrying “when do I say like and when do I say love”, instead just kissing and so on. Anyway so that is that, please send more Christmas gift ideas, I am not so good at shopping for things like that.

Okay the “updates” are out of the way, here is the main thing: what can I do with Samantha this weekend? Always she is coming up with good ideas, like for example let’s go to Dayton, or let’s go iceskating, or let’s watch a movie of romantic couples, that kind of thing, and I just do whatever she wants, it is fine with me, what else am I going to do? I do not have plans. But I want to maybe surprise her a little bit and do something kind of different, only I do not have any ideas. I could take her to the top of a sky scraper with a flower, but there is a problem: I can get a flower but Findlay does not have a sky scraper. But you see what I mean, something kind of crazy but with “romance” which is girl-talk for something that a guy does not really want to do, except there is usually kissing and so on after it, so the guy does it anyway. So do you have any ideas? Leave a comment please, I will try to come back on my break (remember I am doing this at the library before I go to work but the library is really close) to check for a comment of ideas. Remember it has to be romantic, also it has to be something I can do in Findlay (like for example, nothing with a jungle because there is not one here, see what I mean?).


  • At 11:50 AM, Blogger Jonathan Crow said…

    You should take Samantha to the airport in Toledo. I once went on a date at the airport. We pretended to be expecting someone and when they didn't arrive, we freaked out. It was funny to see the other people feeling sad for us. Or you could take her to the coffee shop and watch people parallel park from the window. Nothing says I like you like coffee and parallel parking...not to be confused

  • At 12:00 AM, Blogger Starbucksjunkie said…

    I am late to give you "romantic" ideas but one for another day is to go get some yummy hot cocoa from somewhere (like a Starbucks:) and then take a drive (though she would have to drive) to look at Christmas lights.

    It's very nice.

    Also, on the Christmas gift, is there anything she collects or really likes?

    I hope you had a good weekend


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