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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oh my gosh what am I going to get Samantha for Christmas (she is my girl friend remember)

Okay you know that tomorrow is December 1 (yes even Brian uses a calendar, I know you are probably thinking “that Brian is a goof ball, he probably does not even know how to use a calendar” but of course you are wrong, I have fooled you again because I am really a calendar “fan”! It is not like I have a “calendar autograph” (it is not a person of course), I am not that kind of fan, it is just that I really like to have calendars around. I bet I have like 8 or maybe 9 or 10 calendars hanging in my place. I remember the 1st time Samantha went into my apartment she said something like “hey Brian can you tell me what day it is” (yes she was kidding because like I said I can do that pretty easy because there are so many calendars). When you have all those calendars it is kind of like you get a new bunch of posters every month, it is a “redecorating” every month on the 1st day (sometimes 2nd or 3rd if I forget which I guess I do a lot of times now that I think about it). Okay anyway here is the point of what I am talking about: it is Christmas very soon! And this Christmas is different because I am not just buying a present for my landlady Marla (yes I give her a little something every year, nothing huge, it is not like I buy her a special “jewel”, usually it is like a picture frame or something, in fact I think I give her a picture frame every year, you have to admit they are pretty nice to have, especially if you have a bunch of “photos” sitting around, which I do not know if she has, maybe I should give her something else, like for example a vase) (also I do not know if she likes flowers). Anyway what I was saying is that this year I have a girl friend, oh yes, Samantha is my girl friend this year (can you believe it, if you had told me last Christmas that I would have a great girl friend this Christmas I would have laughed and maybe punched you in the face, ha ha, just kidding, I do not punch people in the face, I am not a criminal). So I need to get Samantha a little something special (more special than the thing I get for my land lady, that is for sure because to me Samantha is more special than Marla, yes I am “romantic”). But I do not have any ideas! I have not ever bought a Christmas present for a girl before, especially not in a “date couple” situation. What on earth do you get for a girl friend? I do not have lots of $$$ for expensive jewels! I do not just want to give her a sweat shirt with a “buck eyes” logo on it, that is a “lame” present. So I am hoping that some of my many “blog web site” people will give me some suggestions, so maybe you could leave comments or whatever here on my blog web site, help me out on what I should give my girl friend Samantha for Christmas. I know it is a long time before we get to the “Christmas day” but I will probably need a lot of time to make sure I have enough $$$, also I will need to figure out a plan to hide it and get it and all that stuff and so on. I really do not know what I am doing with this whole Christmas thing, I hope I do not look stupid.


  • At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian maybe you could get her a nice necklace or something with a heart on it. That would show her that you love her and she would like it a lot. Unless you want to get her a diamond ring or something. But then she would expect you to ask her to marry with you, and you said you don't wnat to do that yet.

  • At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    Brian, all girls/women love nice smelling soap and lotions. Get her some of that! It's not too expensive either. Lavender or some other flower scent is always good.

  • At 3:30 PM, Anonymous jessica said…

    Get her a "Precious Moments" statue - they are so cute!!!


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