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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What is the deal with that one Christmas song I am hearing all the time, it is kind of weird

Okay I know what you are thinking, you are saying (thinking inside I mean) “okay Brian what the heck are you talking about, there are only about a 1000 Christmas songs that are on the radio or whatever, which one are you talking about that it is weird?” Well that is a good question, here is the one I am talking about, I am not talking about the “regular” Christmas songs where they are talking about a baby Jesus and a “manger” (which I do not really know what is a “manger”, I know it is basically a thing that you only use for the Christmas “occasions” probably, and it is a thing for baby Jesus, I have that part down), also I am not also talking about like the Christmas songs that are not really “church Christmas”, do you know what I am saying? You know how there are songs basically which are “Santa songs” and that kind of thing, basically also there the ones where they are talking about “roasted chest nuts and they opened fire” and things like that, also you Winter Wonder Land kind of songs (also here is the thing, that song does not even talk about Christmas, also Jingle Bell does not talk about Christmas or even a reindeer, also there is that other one, something about “jingle tingling sleighs” or whatever, it does not talk about Christmas either so really there is not a good reason for them to play that song at Christmas times only, you could play it all the time, except I guess they are about snow and so on so really only in Winter times). Okay I am going “on and on” about this, here is what I am trying to talk about: that other Christmas song that is kind of weird (no, I am not talking about the one where the singers have the very high voices like “balloon” voices, you know how you can suck on a balloon and it will make your voice all crazy high, they must have used a lot of balloons on that songs, which does talk about Christmas but anyway I am not talking about that one), it is the one where it is a lady and she kind of singing but also she is kind of talking (I do not mean it is like a “rapping” song), but it just sounds kind of weird, there are like trumpets or something (I do not know about all the band music instrument so I could be wrong, maybe instead it is a “oboe” or something) anyway there are trumpets kind of playing a weird tune. And she is just saying “merry Christmas, merry Christmas” over and over then she says something like “something something this year”. Okay also she is talking about buying cranberries at a store and also she says a swear. In a Christmas song! I did not know you could say a swear in a Christmas song, I am pretty sure that is not right, instead of saying swears probably you should say “manger” or something like that (though I guess it would sound kind of strange if you did that, like if you were going to say a swear and instead you said “MANGER!” maybe I will try it at work and see what happens, like I will drop a thing on my foot and I will yell “MANGER!”). Okay anyway back to the weird song, the sing-talking lady says a bunch of other stuff, I remember one time she says something about a Halloween party! Hey wrong time of holidays, lady! So I guess what I am saying is it is a kind of weird song, but also even though it is weird I kind of hum it all the time except I do not know the words, but I hum the “trumpet tune” part anyway. Does anybody know what I am talking about with this weird song that I do not know the words (except some) but I hum it all the time anyway?


  • At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Brian, just to let you know, a manger is a trough. Animals, such as horses and cattle, eat out of it.

    Also, I noticed you classified Dayton with New York as far as big cities are concerned. I live in Dayton and I'll tell you, it really isn't quite as big as people think. Our population is roughly 158,000. Findlay's is roughly 40,000. Although, Findlay is considered one of the fastest growing mid-population cities in the country. I'm originally from Findlay, and visit often, and I see how fast it's growing. Will it someday become another Dayton? I sincerely hope not.


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