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Friday, December 22, 2006

“Christmas time is here, something something cheer” (I can not remember all the words from that cartoon song about the bald kid)

That is a good Christmas song I guess, although it kind of sounds sad too, some Christmas songs are kind of sad which is kind of weird, I thought Christmas songs were supposed to be happy! So they need to do something about that, I guess a law probably. But still I like that song anyway.

Okay people, you know what today is, it is the last day I am going to be on here writing on my blog web site for about 1 week or whatever because I am taking “time off” to relax and so on and spend time with my girl friend, yes it is time for a break. But first I will tell you what I got for my girl friend Samantha for Christmas (Samantha if you are reading this, like I know you said you would not read my blog web site but if you are here by “accident” you have to go away now, I will see you later). Oh man, this is so exciting, I think you will “agree” these are pretty good presents:

  • First of all the 1st gift is a special “lady smell” shampoo I got from that place at the mall that always has a lot of ladies at it and it has many smells (mostly the kind of smells a lady would “enjoy”, like for example a flower), it is called “coconut lime verbena” (and I have to say I know what a coconut is, also what is a lime, but what the heck is a “verbena”? That is a mystery I guess but it is not a mystery that it smells really good, I hope she will like it because her hair will smell so good with it so it is kind of a present for me too
  • Okay the 2nd gift is a thing I saw on TV, it is so cool, I had to look all around to try to find a thing like it, it is a little machine that puts little shiny things on a clothes? It is called a “be dazzled machine” or something like that, you kind of punch the little shiny “dazzle” things onto a clothes and it makes them look “classy”, I am pretty sure she will “enjoy” it
  • Then there is a 3rd one, it is a pair of “sweating” pants I think they are called? They are kind of soft? Anyway they were at a store with a lot of “sports” things like for a college, and it says “buck eyes” across them, I guess the “buck eyes” is across the butt so it is kind of weird but maybe her shirt will cover up the “buck eye butt”, still it is pretty good right?
  • Okay and this 4th one is kind of crazy but there is this really cool store at the mall where they have all kinds of crazy things, like for example coffee mugs that say a funny thing on them, also there are like posters that glow in the dark and some kind of “dirty” things with “beautiful” people not wearing a lot of clothes, anyway I think it is called “spencer gift”? Anyway I got her a funny little statue of a guy, and you squeeze him and he makes a “passing gas” sound, oh man it is so funny
  • Also I got her a candy, it is some kind of chocolate something, I don’t know what the deal is, it is in a special box and you do not even know what is in there so it is kind of a mystery probably

Okay that is all, maybe I will try to get one more thing this weekend before I give her all her presents on Christmas or maybe Christmas Eve (that is the night right before Christmas), I know that I am going with Samantha and her parents to a church because that is a thing they do every Christmas Eve, so yes it is a good thing Samantha helped me to get some nice church clothes (remember they are for that wedding we are going to in Cincinnati in January sometime, I have to remember to ask off for that), also she said I have to be sure to get a hair cut and also to shave so I look nice for church, Samantha always is saying I have to be sure to shave and so on because sometimes I get kind of lazy and so forth and it is just easier to not shave, right? Anyway so yes I will do that, I will look all “nice” for the church and so on. I think I have a “bible” somewhere at the house, I think you have to have one of those to get in so I better try to find it.

Okay anyway I will not be on the blog web site until like January or whatever so Merry Christmas to all and god bless every one (that is a thing that cripple kid said on the black and white movie about the hum bug guy). So yes, good bye and so on. Oh yeah and also happy new year because I will not be writing on here before then probably.


  • At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    Please let us know how she likes her gifts, Brian!


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