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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Here is my list of “new years” resolutions, wait no, I think I will do that tomorrow

Yes, now that I think about it it is probably not enough time to do a long list of the “resolutions” like you always talk about at the new years. Because here is the thing, even if it is 2007 most things really are just the same, for example today is Wednesday so it is Laundry Day, so that is 1 thing that is the same. Here is the other thing that is the same: I think Samantha is mad at me. I think that is a true fact, here is why: she asked me yesterday at work why I was not wearing one of the sweaters she got me, she said “Brian you look so good in the sweater, also you should wear the “turtle neck” under it, it will look so good”. Of course I do not have a “turtle neck” (I mean it is a kind of shirt, it is not like I am saying I do not have a turtle’s neck! It would be all gray and wrinkly, also because I am a human being it is impossible probably, except sometimes I see old people that kind of have necks like that, anyway you can “guarantee” that I will not get a girl friend if I have a neck like a turtle). Anyway what I am saying is I do not have one of those kind of shirts to go under a shirt or whatever. But anyway also I am saying that Samantha was asking “why do you not wear those beautiful sweaters Brian?” Well the reason is they are so hot and itchy, I can not really wear those things to work, I am always moving around boxes and so on, and other stuff that I would just get too hot wearing a “sweater” (see how it has the word “sweat” in it because they are so hot, they could also call them “itchers” because like I said they are so itchy), but like for example the other day I had to get up on a ladder to hang a big banner (basically a sign) from the ceiling so you know it is always so hot up there, what if I had on a sweater? It would just be so much worse, right? But Samantha looked like I had “hurt her feeling” so I guess tomorrow I will try to wear one of them, of course I will have to put on my apron over the front of it and the apron always is hot anyway (it makes me sweat like a sweater so I guess it will be “Double Sweater Day” because you can believe it will be so hot) but I want Samantha to be happy. What if we had a “breakup” situation, not good you bet, because they have already got a hotel room in Cincinnati for next weekend (I am talking about Samantha’s parents, also I am not talking about this weekend coming up in a couple of days even though yes, it is the “next” weekend, I mean the one after that, I know it is confusing, I am not even sure I am right when I am talking about it right now). Anyway remember we are going to that wedding down there, it is Samantha’s cousin or something, I think his name is Brad. Anyway that would “stink” to be hanging out with Samantha in Cincinnati and we have had a “breakup”, it would be awkward probably, no fun.


  • At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    Just wear a t-shirt under the sweater, Brian, and it at least won't be itchy anymore.


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