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Monday, January 08, 2007

Hey it is Monday, boring boring but at least I do not have to go to school

Here is why I am talking about school, it is because I was studying the whole weekend for my driver license test, it is a “writing” test where you have to write down your answers, it is not the kind where you have to drive around and also do the “parallel park” trick (I do not even understand that trick or what it means). Okay anyway Samantha and I worked all weekend studying her “flashing” cards she made, it turns out they did not flash at all which is what I thought she was talking about, I thought it was a way to help you “hypnotize” to learn faster, but it just means that she will hold them up really fast, she will “flash” them at me really fast and there is a question on there or maybe a picture of a sign that she drew on there, and anyway I have to tell here the answer or what is the sign, or something like that. So that is how we studied the driver license information. And I can tell you that I am so glad that I do not have to do this stuff all the time, I know Samantha has to study all the time for things at the community college. But it reminds me too much of school, which I did not really have a good time at school, I mean it was not all too bad but you have to say that it was not the most fun in the whole world. I always would sit in the back part of the class room if the teacher would let me, and that way they would not call on me too much, here is why: if the teacher would call on me I would get all nervous and I would forget the answer even if I already knew the answer and of course people would laugh at me. I remember one time in my “civic” class (it is generally about “legislatures”, which who knows what those are) we took a “pop quiz” and after it the teacher was repeating all the questions before we turned it in so we could check our answers but I was confused, I was not paying attention, and for some reason I thought we were checking our papers and I thought he wanted the answer so I raised my hand and he called on me and I yelled out the answer to the question he had just said. Of course every body laughed and the teacher was mad but of course it did not matter because my answer was wrong anyway. So anyway that is the deal with school, studying is not fun.

Anyway it all did not matter because we went over to the place today (remember it is Monday today) and it was closed! Why is a place closed on Monday, that does not make any sense? Maybe you do not like to give a test on Monday because no one likes to study on the weekend because they are taking a date or something? So I am kind of upset about that because I really wanted to take the test, I was so nervous and I just wanted to get it “over with” so now I have to be all nervous for another day (today). So Samantha and me are going to go over there tomorrow and I will try again to take the test, I will let you know what happens. I think I will do pretty good, I have the “flashed” cards with me so I can look at them when I am on break today, so tomorrow I will probably drive Samantha’s car to the library with my special permit I get after I take the test, of course she will have to show me how to work it, probably we will have to talk about the “gears” I think, also which of the things is the “gas accelerate” and which is the “break”. But after I figure that out I think I will be “good to go” I guess?


  • At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian I do not think you should be so nervous about the test. Many people all over the world take the driving test every day and they pass with flying colors!

  • At 3:34 PM, Blogger Brian said…

    But remember I am not really driving, it is just a test where you write stuff down, you answer it like a "quiz". But I do not answer it like a quiz, I answer it like a wrong quiz like it is from a different class (see what I am talking about, it is because I FAILED the test, it is like it was a quiz about Spanish and instead I wrote math "problems" so they would be wrong, it is because I FAILED it, is what I am saying).


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