Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I wonder if people know that they can come to the store on another except today?

Okay this has got to be quick, I am on a very short break from the store right now, and I can tell you that it is a little crazy over there today. We had big sale right, it is a big sale for the day after thanks giving, it seems like there are a lot of places that are doing that any more, I am not sure why, why can’t people just stay at home and take a nap or whatever, also why do they not just come back tomorrow or something, we will probably have some stuff here, maybe it will not be exactly hat they wanted but we will probably have something kind of like it and maybe it will be almost the same price, I don’t know. I can tell you that I wish I could be home taking a nap like that pretend person, here is why: me and Samantha got in kind of late last night, remember we were over in Youngstown to have thanks giving dinner with her grandma (also we were with her folks, they were with us except they came in a different car because me and Samantha had to be back at work this morning and they wanted to stay a little while longer there with the grandma lady, but like I said me and Samantha had to get back early for this work thing which I already have talked about, you have read it already probably). Okay so I do not have time to talk too much about every thing that happened on the way to Youngstown and while we were there in that place (it looked like the area where there is a war, like in the news, not very exciting), also stuff on the way home. I will give you a hint of what I will talk about next time: apparently I guess I am not taking very seriously our “relationship” or something like that (I am talking about me and Samantha, do not worry, we got it worked out I think), also here is a tip: when you are going “out of town” to sleep at a different person’s house, it is a “helpful” tip to please bring pajamas (especially if you have to sleep on a couch out in the middle of the whole house). I have learned this lesson now, I can tell you. More on all this stuff later, I have to get back to work, maybe I will write something on my blog web site this weekend if I can borrow Samantha’s computer or probably I will just have to wait until Monday, who knows.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wow I have to make this quick then of course I will be gone until Friday probably

Yes this has been “those days” (a saying) if you know what I mean, I was 20 minutes late to work because I overslept this morning and so of course I could not make it to the library this morning to write a long thing for my blog web site like is “usual” (although it is not really usual for me to do a long “post” on Wednesday because usually it is Laundry Day, not today because me and my girl friend Samantha and her family are going to Youngstown tonight to have thanks giving (tomorrow) with her grandma there and so Laundry Day was yesterday, do you know what I am saying, maybe I am “explaining” too much anyway). Okay so why did I oversleep, there is not a big reason, just 2 maybe, for 1 I was busy trying to figure out what to pack for the trip, it has been a long time since I had to pack for a trip like this, and the number 2 is that I was kind of up late last night thinking about a bunch of stuff and yes I was kind of worried a little bit and that is why I was up so late. Do not worry about old Brian, he is just fine (I am talking about my self), also you do not need to worry about what I was worried about, it is nothing probably. (Maybe a little of it is that Samantha told me Youngstown is not the most exciting place in the world to go and also that it is kind of a sad place, not like Findlay which is cool, so we will see about that, it can not be that bad can it, after all “Youngstown” sounds like it is kind of exciting, anyway I still am kind of excited about going? Also there was another thing I was thinking about a lot, it is not something I will talk about here, do not worry about it or whatever.)

Okay so anyway have a good thanks giving and all that people, be nice to each other, do not call each other names, also eat turkey or whatever.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Everything feels wrong when you fold underwear on a Tuesday

That is right, you are not reading it wrong, I talked about underwear in my “title” of my post her on my blog web site. If this is the first time you have visited my blog web site I am so sorry you had to read about underwear but it is true, the thing is it is “usual” that I do my laundry on Wednesday, it is my “routine” (thing I do all the time) so I have a little bit less of clothes but anyway. Also there are different people at the laundry place on a Tuesday, they were kind of looking at me like they were saying (in their heads) “who is this guy, he is an impostor probably, he does not belong here” (they were probably not really saying that in their heads), like for example there was a lady there, I guess Tuesday is her Laundry Day like Wednesday is mine usually, and she was standing in front of a couple of dryers like she was a police guard or something, even one time when I walked by there she mumbled kind of quiet, like she thought I could not hear, “you do not even think about using this dryer, it is my dryer”. So you can probably guess that I did not become a great friend with the lady who loved those 2 dryers, although it is not like I am a great friend with anybody at the laundry place when I usually go on Wednesday (there is that mom lady who brings her little baby and she does not speak English I think, and there is the old man who walks so slow, I mean he is so slow I can not even believe it, one time I had to walk all the way around the laundry place to get around him because he was in the way and he was moving so slow, you would not even believe it, anyway also there is that lady that cries all the time) anyway what I am saying is it felt kind of weird to do my laundry on Tuesday, it is a Wednesday activity as you all know.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dayton has a bunch of air planes apparently?

Yeah so you remember that I said that Samantha was taking me to Dayton on Saturday, I did not know why? Well here is why: air planes. Yes, there is a “museum” there that is nothing but air planes, so I guess that’s pretty cool. It was a special day kind of there at the air plane museum, it was “family day” there so yes you can imagine there were a lots of little kids running around, they were making “craft papers” and so on with their folks, so I am not really sure why we were there, we do not have a family, we are not married with little children! Ha, can you imagine Brian as a “husband” type, yes it is a little crazy. Anyway the planes were kind of cool, there were a lot of planes there that were pretty old I guess, like for example I did not know they had air planes in Old West times probably? But they were pretty old though. But also there were some (mostly) that were like from a war. But like I said there were a lot of kids running around every where and screaming and so on because like I said it was “family event” and sometimes it was hard to concentrate on the air plane signs and so on to know what each plane was all about, right? But Samantha of course thought the little kids were very cute, I guess that is true, but I think ladies have special ways to see cute because sometimes she would say “oh Brian that little girl is so cute, I bet if we had a little girl someday she would look like that because she kind of looks like us a little bit” but I have to say that one little girl she was talking about was not really cute at all, she had all dried up snot boogers under her nose, that is just gross, why would a parent let their kid have that gross stuff right there on their face. So yes anyway there were some kids who kind of cute I guess, one time a little kid was running by us and he tripped and fell down and started crying but I helped him get up and asked him if he was okay and all that, it is the kind of thing you do to be nice and so on, it is not a big deal, but I picked up his little “craft” stuff for him and he went off to do whatever. Anyway Samantha said I was good with kids and I would probably be a good “dad” someday (Also she gave me a little “kiss” so not all bad I guess right?). Anyway can you imagine Dad Brian? I would have to pick up the kids at school on my bike because I do not have a driver license, but anyway yeah that is kind of weird to think about having little kids or something, but if it makes Samantha happy or whatever I will not say anything about it. So anyway yeah, we saw the air planes and ate at a pizza place that was not too far from there and that was about it, then we drove back to Findlay. We did watch a movie also, it was the one about the gorilla that was in love with the lady, kind of long but it was pretty good.

Okay now that I am done with all the weekend talk and so on I have to talk about this week, it is going to be a little bit crazy this week, the “schedule” of writing on my blog web site is going to be a little bit different (I do not mean that there is a big sheet of paper up on my wall that says when I have to put “writings” on my blog web site, like for example it would say “Monday: write things on the blog web site, Tuesday: write things on the blog web site” and so on, it is not that kind of schedule, and it is not like my week is so complicated that I have to look at a paper to tell me to write on my blog web site, it is just something that I do every day almost without even having to check a schedule, it is a part of my life you know). Anyway here is what I am talking about, remember this is a little crazy this week because it is “thanks giving” time on Thursday this year and I am going to go with Samantha and her family to Youngstown (far drive) for a “dinner trip” to her grandma’s house over there so we are going to drive over there on Wednesday after we get off work at the store, so yes it will be a “night driving” situation. (I will not be driving of course.) Okay so that means I have to pack a suit case (really just a “duffel” bag, I do not have a suit case, even if I did I do not have a suit to put in it anyway) with my clothes in it so we can leave on Wednesday, but here is the problem: Wednesday is laundry day, I have to wash my clothes that day but if I do that I will not really have time to pack, I really need to pack my clothes on Tuesday instead. So yes you are not going to believe it, I am going to do Laundry Day on Tuesday instead of Wednesday so that means I will have to do a short thing on the blog web site on Tuesday because it is Laundry Day (remember on Laundry Day time is a little “tight” so I can only do a short thing because I have to do it on my break, I can not do it before work like “usual”), so maybe I will be able to do a little bit longer on Wednesday, I don’t know. Okay so that is different but here is the thing, I will not be able to do a blog web site writing on Thursday because I will be in Youngstown at Samantha’s grandma’s house and generally grandma types do not have computers, also I will be eating pretty much all day. Then on Friday both me and Samantha have to work pretty much all day at the store, it is a huge “sale” there on that day, lots of people come in because I guess they are tired of sitting around so much and they want to buy a rake or whatever for “exercise”? So I might be able to run over on my break over to the library to write a little thing, I don’t know. I guess it just depends on if people need lots and lots of rakes I guess.