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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I guess I did not finish the story from yesterday, sorry about that so here it is

So yes you probably are wondering why I did not really tell more about the story about the “conversation” I had with Samantha, I just kind of stopped writing because I was tired of writing about the situation, I was just about as tired as when I was having the conversation with Samantha in the 1st place (like I said she really had the conversation more than me). But I hope you do not “criticize”, you have to “walk my shoe” for a minute, do you have good times when you are talking to your girl friend (or if you are a girl it would be your boy friend, I guess also it could be your husband if you are married unless you are a guy and then it would be your wife if you are married, anyway the point is you are talking to them) anyway so you are having the conversation with them and they are saying “I do not think you are serious about a relation ship”, also “I pore my heart to do every thing for you and you spit in my face” (which I told her it is not true, I did not spit, that is “rude” but I guess that is not what she meant really, I think it was a “saying” but anyway there was not a spit incident, you can believe it), anyway so if you were listening to that person say all that stuff I know you would get tired too. Okay so basically it was all about a situation where she said “I love you” and I did not say “I love you too” (I have learned that is the only right thing to say when your girl friend Samantha says that to you. So I had to “think fast”, there was no way I was going to lose the girl friend situation, it was not going to be a situation again where I am all alone watching a TV video movie DVD on a Saturday night and I am thinking “wow that was funny, I wish my girl friend would laugh also at the same time as me, also and would not get up and leave me by my self again” (you see if I have a girl friend I would not be thinking that), also if I do not have a girl friend, it is a true fact that I would just be that guy at the store who does not have a girl friend (I guess that is what people called me before I had a girl friend, I do not know because I am too busy doing my work to listen to what people are saying that I do not know or I guess even that I do know, I mean I guess now that I think about it it would be kind of weird if that is what people are saying about me, I guess there are things you could say about me that are worse than the “no girl friend phrase”, like for example “he is a murder criminal!” which is not true of course but like I said if I did not have a girl friend the “no girl friend” part would be true). Anyway the point is I told her that I was sorry about not saying “I love you” because I was all mixed up about dropping meat balls on the dress and also the “guarder” situation so I just was too mixed up or whatever, maybe it was a bad day probably also because I wrecked the grand car van (not really but a scratch is kind of bad anyway), so anyway I told her “yes Samantha I love you of course” so I think everything is back to normal (no I did not bring up the wedding talk situation, please do not bring it up either) but anyway Samantha said she is “so happy” and so forth, and yes there were a few “kissing” but I think her parents are still mad at me a little maybe.

So anyway yes I guess I love Samantha now probably? That is cool I guess because I have not said that to a girl before (no DeDe does not count), but it is true, if you say to a girl that “I love you” they will not breakup with you probably, so that is a solution for you if you are looking for a “love advice”.


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