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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Well my resolution things I put on here yesterday, yes I am already messing them up

Remember I had a resolution not to eat food that was not so healthy, well last night I ate a big bag (yes the whole bag) of those little things that look like yellow onion rings but they are not really onions but they taste like onions anyway? Also I dipped them in ranch dressing. So yes it was so good but this morning I did not fell so good, I mean it was not like a throwup situation but I know it was not good to eat that “junk” food types. Also I did not floss after I ate that garbage, yes I know it is no good, I mean it is like I ate a bag of garbage and what is a worse thing is that the garbage is leaking the smelly brown water, it is that bad to eat the “junk” food. So today I had a toast, it was not too bad.

But anyway it is not all bad really, I guess some things are going pretty good, like for example I do not have new socks yet but I am pretty sure I am going this weekend to a store and then I will get some new socks. Here is the thing on the socks, right now I just have a lot of white socks and since I am going to this wedding thing next weekend (remember I mean the weekend that is at the end of next week, I do not mean this weekend even though yes it is the “next” weekend that will come after you read this except now that I think about it you might read this some other time because you know you can read my blog web site, all of the things on it I mean, any time, even like in 10 years it will still be here probably, so I guess maybe it is a little confusing when I say next weekend even if I can explain it better, so here is what I mean: her cousin Brad is getting married on January whatever in 2007, I do not have a calendar right in front of me right now like I do at home so I can’t remember so okay never mind). So there you go with the “new socks” resolution. But also I talked to Samantha about the driver license situation that I had as one of my new years resolutions (because yes it is about time I decided to be like a regular guy instead of the guy who walks everywhere, except of course I have the bicycle too but you know what I mean, even if you are the guy who rides a bicycle everywhere you are still the weird guy who is not normal I think, I mean nobody says that to me but I kind of feel like they think I am weird because I can not drive a car without going to jail, I think that is what happens if you drive and you do not have a driver license, is that right?). Okay anyway here is the thing, Samantha is going to help me study this weekend (see that is more “clear”, when I say this weekend you know it is the one tomorrow, not “next”) and I am going to try to take the test next week at the place over there where you do that, Samantha knows where it is so she will try to get me over there or something so I can take the test, probably it will be Monday or Tuesday (not Wednesday because it is Laundry Day of course) also it can not be on Thursday or Friday because she has classes again at the community college and then we are going in the afternoon on Friday to Cincinnati for the wedding thing which I have talked about like a 100 times. Anyway so it is “Study Weekend”, I mean I have looked at the book before, except it has been a while so Samantha is going to help me with “flashing” cards or something that she is going to make, I don’t really know what that means, I guess they have flashing lights to help you “learn” with a hypnotizing power probably. I guess it is a “technology”?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Now it is resolution list time, sorry I made you wait so long

Oh yeah okay before I get started here is a thing, remember I was complaining yesterday or maybe it was the other day, I can not remember, anyway it was about the sweaters I got for Christmas from my girl friend Samantha. Remember it was about how they were all itchy and hot, well there is a comment here on my blog web site from a lady named Shannon and she says I can wear something UNDER the sweater, like for example a “t” shirt (I just realized the other day it is called a “T” shirt because it kind of looks like a “T”, of course the big “T” not the small “t” because then the shirt would kind of stick up a little bit at the top and also it would curve a little bit down at the bottom so it would not fit right probably). I did not even realize that I could wear something under a sweater, but of course why would I do that when it would make it more hot! Except it would not be itchy I guess. Maybe it would not be too hot, I don’t know.

Okay anyway here it is, a list. I came up with all of these by my self because no body gave me any “suggestions” for resolutions, I think every body forgot about my blog web site probably, or maybe also they had a resolution to not read my blog web site any more, instead they are going to make a sandwich or whatever. Okay anyway here it is.

  • Okay the first thing is, I am going to get my driver license (I know I have been “flapping gum” about this for along time, but I have decided it is time for real now to “do this thing”, that is what they always say, they say let’s “do this thing” so that is what I am going to do) (the thing is to get the driver license I mean, basically it is so I can drive my girl friend around instead of when she is driving me around)
  • The next (2nd) thing is this: I will try to eat better food, maybe not so much of frozen pizza and so forth, like for example Samantha got kind of all weird when she found out that sometimes I like to have a good snack like this, it is a big loaf of “French” bread like you get at the store, and I will melt a big thing of that big rectangle cheese, it is in a box, you know what I am talking about, it is called “cheese food”. Anyway I will “dip” the bread into the cheese melt bowl, oh it is so good, also I would drink a lot of Mountain Dew. Okay so I should eat better stuff, like for example corn I guess.
  • I guess the last resolution is I will get some new socks probably.
  • Oh yeah also I will floss.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Here is my list of “new years” resolutions, wait no, I think I will do that tomorrow

Yes, now that I think about it it is probably not enough time to do a long list of the “resolutions” like you always talk about at the new years. Because here is the thing, even if it is 2007 most things really are just the same, for example today is Wednesday so it is Laundry Day, so that is 1 thing that is the same. Here is the other thing that is the same: I think Samantha is mad at me. I think that is a true fact, here is why: she asked me yesterday at work why I was not wearing one of the sweaters she got me, she said “Brian you look so good in the sweater, also you should wear the “turtle neck” under it, it will look so good”. Of course I do not have a “turtle neck” (I mean it is a kind of shirt, it is not like I am saying I do not have a turtle’s neck! It would be all gray and wrinkly, also because I am a human being it is impossible probably, except sometimes I see old people that kind of have necks like that, anyway you can “guarantee” that I will not get a girl friend if I have a neck like a turtle). Anyway what I am saying is I do not have one of those kind of shirts to go under a shirt or whatever. But anyway also I am saying that Samantha was asking “why do you not wear those beautiful sweaters Brian?” Well the reason is they are so hot and itchy, I can not really wear those things to work, I am always moving around boxes and so on, and other stuff that I would just get too hot wearing a “sweater” (see how it has the word “sweat” in it because they are so hot, they could also call them “itchers” because like I said they are so itchy), but like for example the other day I had to get up on a ladder to hang a big banner (basically a sign) from the ceiling so you know it is always so hot up there, what if I had on a sweater? It would just be so much worse, right? But Samantha looked like I had “hurt her feeling” so I guess tomorrow I will try to wear one of them, of course I will have to put on my apron over the front of it and the apron always is hot anyway (it makes me sweat like a sweater so I guess it will be “Double Sweater Day” because you can believe it will be so hot) but I want Samantha to be happy. What if we had a “breakup” situation, not good you bet, because they have already got a hotel room in Cincinnati for next weekend (I am talking about Samantha’s parents, also I am not talking about this weekend coming up in a couple of days even though yes, it is the “next” weekend, I mean the one after that, I know it is confusing, I am not even sure I am right when I am talking about it right now). Anyway remember we are going to that wedding down there, it is Samantha’s cousin or something, I think his name is Brad. Anyway that would “stink” to be hanging out with Samantha in Cincinnati and we have had a “breakup”, it would be awkward probably, no fun.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hey every body Brian (me) is back, it is 2007 also

Okay I can not really believe it, it is a different year now than it was when I put something here on my blog web site the last time (it was 2006 then), so it is like it was a year ago kind of? So I guess I am sorry a little bit that I was gone so long for a whole year (except like what I was saying, it was not really a whole year, it is just a “last year” situation that was only last week actually), okay this is confusing so I am just going to talk about something else, here is what I will talk about: Christmas time, also presents.

Also but the first thing is this really: I am kind of depressed. This time of year always I feel depressed, it is after Christmas, all the presents are opened and so on, and sometimes you see people still have the lights up on their house and it is like the people who live there are saying “hey look every body, remember when it was Christmas last week, well it is not Christmas anymore” and it is so sad I guess. It is kind of like when it snows and it is all pretty and then a week later the snow is all gray (or even brown which is worse and gross, a fact) and you just want it all to go away because trust me on this one, you do not want to have a “snow ball” fight with the gray brown snow, just too gross. It is like that with Christmas, it is all fun but now you just need to take the lights down from your house please, I do not want to “hurt your feeling” if you have the lights on your house still (or also one of the “inflate” decorations in the grass part of the yard), but those lights on your house sometimes make me wish I was dead (not really, “exaggerate” of course).

Okay and another reason I am kind of depressed is that I think maybe Samantha did not like my presents that I gave her for Christmas. Well that is not exactly true, she did say, “oh thank you Brian” after every thing, but as you can probably guess there were problems (here is why you can guess there were problems: it is because always there are problems when I do stuff). Well remember I got her some “coconut smell” shampoo but remember also that she has “allergic” to coconut, I remembered that she could not eat coconut but you do not eat coconut smell shampoo! But I guess she can not even have it on her hair, it is a bad “allergic” situation I guess. But I guess maybe I can take it back to the store where it is all “lady smells” and maybe I can get a different kind or something. Well also there was that thing that puts the “dazzle” shiny things on a clothes thing, I saw it on TV and I thought it would look kind of “classy” for Samantha and she said she liked it but I have not seen any shiny shirts lately. Maybe it will be just for church. I am not sure about the little “fart statue” I got her from the “Spencer” store. I could not really tell what she was thinking but boy you have to admit it is pretty crazy, I mean it really does sound like a “breaking wind” sound, so funny. But I guess she like the chocolate and also the “sweating pants” except her parents kind of did not like the “buck eye” logo on the sweating pants butt. Anyway they are for Samantha, not for them, so I hope they will “chill” (a slang). Anyway basically it just was like maybe she was hoping for something else, maybe a jewelry but like I have said like a 100 times, I do not have that kind of $$$.

Oh you are probably wondering what I got for Christmas from Samantha and her folks. Basically they gave me one of those razors (for shaving), but it is “electric”, no you do not have to “plug in” the razor, instead it uses a battery. But it is nice I guess because I do not like to shave but maybe it won’t be so bad if I can just kind of run this thing over my face really fast, also it will probably not cut me so much. I know that Samantha is always telling me I should shave more but like I said I just hate it so much. Oh and also a bunch of sweaters, like 8 sweaters. I guess I will wear sweaters more now?

I do not want to make it sound like it was all bad, some stuff was good, like for example I got to go to a “new years” party with Samantha, well basically it was just at her house and some people she knows, anyway we kissed when on the TV that big shiny ball came down and lit up. That was kind of nice probably? Also they had those little weenies with BBQ sauce, those were pretty good.

Also maybe I will make a “new year resolution”, but I am not sure on that. Maybe you can leave a comment here on my blog web site for a “suggestion”?