Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I want a "different" weekend like last time almost

Hey everybody, it is Friday. I still have to work today but Fridays it is not so bad because I know at the end of the day I go back to my apartment and I will not have to be back at work until Monday (sometimes I work Saturdays, but mostly not, also I do not want it to sound like I do not like my job, it is pretty good, the people are pretty nice and it is not too hard) but anyway I guess what I am saying is that it is good for the "weekend." Maybe you remember last weekend I was a little crazy, I did something kind of different where I went to that thing with the balloons at Adam's park, except for the throwup it was kind of fun. So I was thinking about how it was kind of fun to do something a little different than just watch TV and stuff, but what is going on this weekend in Findlay Ohio? There is not a balloon thing again probably? I think maybe I will ask at work today (I will probably not ask Valerie, she has not talked to me at all since last weekend, maybe you remember when I was talking about how she saw me throw up into the trash can that time, and she was with a guy, I guess it is her boyfriend) anyway I will maybe ask "around" at work today to see if there is anything interesting happening, of course people I hope will not make fun of my throwup situation, but nobody has said anything about it so I guess Valerie did not tell anybody about it, so that is kind of nice of her I guess but still she acts very weird around me, maybe she is not happy about the throwup situation (you can probably guess I am not too happy myself, anyway I am better now).

Okay so there is that, but also if you have any ideas and you are reading my blog web site, maybe you could leave a comment here with an idea on what I could do this weekend that is different, or maybe even just I could rent a video and you could give me a good idea for one (also some time maybe I should find a way to put my Email address on here, like on the side or something like I see all the time on other blog web sites). But remember I guess it has to be something I could walk to, I can walk a kind of long way, but probably not all the way across town or definitely not a different city, like for example Columbus Grove or Fostoria, it is just too far! If I had a car I could drive to those places though.

So anyway I am thinking that maybe it is time to get a car? Of course like I have said before I do not have a driver license. I do not even know where to get one. Also I really do not have enough money to buy a car probably, they are thousands of dollars. Anyway I am going to look on the internet to get the "info" on how I can do that, maybe if I go ahead and get the driver license it will be easier to get a car, maybe you get a discount at the car place? I don't know also if Marla and Gary would let me put the car in the driveway, it is already crowded with Marla's van and Gary's truck, I guess maybe I could put it somewhere else. Anyway still I want a car. There is a gas station I walk by every day (Marathon), I could get gas there, it is only like $3.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lady with beard thing (not really a lady), also pizza

Okay I know the thing with the guy who was wearing a dress was kind of a weird thing, I still do not really know what is the deal with that guy. A person who did not leave their name, they are called "anonymous", said maybe it is a lady for real, a lady with a beard from a circus (it is because a man does not wear a dress, which is the truth I admit). Okay but still I think it is a man and not a lady, here is why (it is a list with dots):
  • The street where he turned off does not have a circus down it, only houses (you can not have a circus in a house, there is not room for elephants and so on).
  • There is no circus in Findlay Ohio that I know of.
  • Also the man did not have lady parts (you know what I am talking about, I will not say it because what if kids are reading my blog web site, I mean to say he had a man chest and not a lady chest if that is more clear).

I do not want to hurt your feelings, but I think you are wrong on the lady with a beard thing, it is not the situation this time probably. If there is a lady with a beard, that would be weird, maybe I will look on the internet.

So anyway I am going to try something different a little, I know I talked about reviewing the TV shows like I am a "critic" (like for example I am going to be like a man who reviews a restaurant. Except it is not the restaurant, it is the pizza (not the restaurant pizza, instead it is the kind you get at the Great Scot grocery store, it is frozen and you have to cook it yourself) (take off the plastic first). I eat this a lot, it is pretty easy to make. So anyway here are the reviews of different kinds of pizza like you get at the Great Scot.

  • Jenos, this kind is really cheap, it is only like a dollar (I am not kidding, it is so cheap), maybe it is not the best taste, but it is okay if you only have one dollar (also some tax).
  • Totinos, okay this kind is pretty cheap also, I think it is a little better, it is kind of weird because the pepperonis are not round, instead they are like little tiny blocks of pepperoni, I mean very tiny. Still it is not too bad (round pepperoni is a better taste I think?).
  • Digiorno, this kind is really fancy almost, it is probably almost like a restaurant pizza sort of, so you can imagine it is not so cheap. I mean it is not like you went to a restaurant, it is not like it is from a fancy place where you have to wear church pants, it is not that kind of pizza. I like it pretty good but you can not get so many of them, maybe for a date?
  • Red Baron - Okay this is pretty good, but it is more money than the cheap kind (not as much as the other one). It is just okay I think.
  • Jack's, this kind is I think my favorite, even if it is not "fancy" like that other one, the Digiorno kind. It is not as cheap as the ones at the top of the pizza list I have here, but I guess it is like "medium cost". It has a kind called "hamburger' that is pretty good (it is not a hamburger like with a bun and mustard, actually I don't know why it is called hamburger, it has like little meatballs on it, it should be called "meatballs pizza"). Anyway okay it is good.
  • Tombstone - I will not eat this pizza, it is not right to have like a cemetery be your name, why would you eat that?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A weird thing (not a throwup story)

First, I will say "sorry" to the people who thought it was very gross for me to talk about throwup (yes, it is gross) but I wanted to talk about the good/bad weekend that I had and I had to say about the throwup (that was the bad), if I just said it was good because of the balloons and all that then that would not be true all the way, but if I said it was partly bad too but did not say why people would be all confused, they would leave a "comment" on my blog web site and it would say "hey Brian why do you say your weekend was kind of bad, what is bad about balloons and gyro?" so it would not make sense. I guess sometimes if you have to tell the truth it is sometimes gross probably.

So anyway yesterday I was walking to work, I have to go up Main (it is kind of a busy street, I can go another way that is not so busy but I guess sometimes I like to walk on Main to see the cars, also there is more stuff than just walking by houses, there is nothing wrong with houses I guess but it is more interesting to see the stores and things like that, that is what I am saying) and I am seeing all the normal stuff I always see on the way to work, like for example I go by that Marathon station, if I have a little extra money I will get a pop, there is the sandwich place and the apartments (it is not my apartment, it is a different situation) and the Ben Franklin place (of course there is the weird lady by the newspaper machine, I will tell more about her later sometime maybe), these are the things I see every day, it is always the same but I guess I don't mind it so much even though it is always the same (I guess maybe that is not very clear what I am talking about, I am saying that it is nice to know that things do not change, like for example if all of a sudden there was a big hole in the street, you would think, why is there a big hole in the street? It is a war probably! So I guess what I am saying is if everything is the same all the time, there is nothing bad a like a war) (there would probably not be a war in Findlay, Ohio, it is just an example). Okay anyway I am saying all of this to say that yesterday I did see something that was kind of weird, it was a guy but he was wearing a dress like a lady! I know what you are thinking probably, "what if it was really a lady and not a man" (I do not know magic, I can not "read your mind", I mean that I was talking to Mark at work about it and he said "how do you know Brian it is not a lady for real", so I think probably if you are reading the blog web site you will ask the same thing probably). Well here is how I know it is a man and not a lady, he had a big beard and crazy man hair (like it was not long like lady hair, but it was like the hair when you have been asleep and you get up, it is all crazy?). But anyway, he had a big beard on his face, if he was trying to pretend to be a lady he would probably not do a very good job (ladies do not have beards!). Anyway this man was just walking down the street, he was on the other side of the street from me, people were honking their horns (although he was not in their way, it was very strange), he had a big long stick he was walking with and a back pack, it was definitely a dress (flowers on it). Anyway he turned on a street (I don't remember where he turned off) and walked on down that way and I went on to work.

So that is pretty weird, right? It is not really an adventure, it is not like I really did anything, I just saw the guy wearing the lady dress, anyway I don't understand what that was all about. Here is what I hope you can do: if you live in Findlay and you are visiting my blog web site, maybe you saw this person too, and you can leave a "comment" maybe with your ideas about what was going on, also if that was you maybe you could let me know what is the deal there (maybe a joke for TV, like for example there is a show where they play jokes?).

Monday, August 21, 2006

"Mixed" weekend (good and bad together)

Hey everybody, I hope you had a good weekend in your cities where you live (I think people from all over the world maybe will read this blog web site, I do not know if that is the truth, like for example all of the comments here on my blog web site are American I guess or maybe from England, the people do not say where they are from, if they put it in a different language anyway I could not read it). Anyway my weekend was a mixture of good and bad, I did something very different than what I normally do (what I normally do is just basically watch TV, sometimes I work on the weekends but mostly I just watch TV or maybe rent a video) (also I did rent a video this weekend, I did not do this other thing the whole weekend! I still watched the video, it was the one where the family goes around in a big trailer car, it was pretty good).

Okay anyway what I am saying is that I did not just sit around my apartment all weekend (it is a good thing, Marla, she is my landlady sort of, and Gary, he is her new husband and the old maintenance man, they are still not happy about the newspaper thing, so it is good that I was not around the apartment the whole time), instead I went to a big thing at a park here in Findlay, it was like a big party about balloons (it is not like little birthday party balloons, it is like the big kind you can ride in, they are colorful and there is a basket). It was at a park (I said that already) and the streets around it were closed off, you could get stuff to eat and so on, and watch the balloons and all that.

I had heard about this balloon thing (it is every year, I think) before, but I have not gone to it before, I was just going to do the same old weekend activities like I always do (I talked about that before) but at work on Friday Valerie was talking to Anita and Kristen and Mark (they all work there with me, they were not really talking to me but I was stocking some shelves close to the registers and I could hear what they were talking about), they were talking about going to the balloon thing on Saturday at the park (it is called "Adam's park" or something like that, I know where it is, I just can't remember what it is named), Valerie said she was going with someone to the balloon thing. I was thinking it might be kind of interesting, I had never been there, also balloons are kind of interesting probably (like I said, big).

So Saturday afternoon I walked down to the Adam's park (not too far, I guess I thought it was a longer distance, but it was not too bad, I guess maybe 20 minutes or something like that to get there, also I walked by the Marathon, it is the place where the lady named Shannon worked that one time I talked about, but she was not there, it was a guy, I don't remember his name, anyway I got a pop). You could see the balloons from far off, it was like an easy way to see how to get there if I was lost (I was not lost though). Anyway there was lots of people there, very crowded, but it was not too bad, there was a stage with a music band playing, it was like a big party and I was having fun even if I was all by myself, I thought maybe I would "run into" Valerie (not with a car, ha ha! I do not have a car, anyway it means when you see them, like for example you say "I ran into Bob at the store," it means you saw Bob at the store but you did not know he would be there, it is only an example, there are probably lots of people named Bob at store, it is common), who knows? I could not see her anywhere, though, anyway I watched the balloons for a while and there were little kids getting their faces painted and all that, it was kind of a fun thing (this was the part which was good).

Anyway so I was starting to get pretty hungry (I did not eat anything for breakfast for some reason, I overslept and anyway I was too excited to get down there to the balloon thing, that pop I got at the Marathon was all I had), so I went over to all the food places, they are like little trailers and tents and so on, and there was this place that had these little things, it was kind of like a thick taco with long pieces of meat in it, it is called "gyro" on the sign, they looked pretty good so I got one and also a pop (first one was gone). Yes, it was pretty good, it did not taste like a taco but it had a weird taste but I liked it anyway. So here is where the bad part is: after a while it was starting to get a little warm and I was not feeling too good, it was like I ate a big metal weight (you should not eat such a thing!), and it was just getting worse and worse, until (this is gross) I could not help it, I threw up into a trash can. Oh man, so gross (like I said), a kid was there, he started screaming about "gross" and so on, and I guess you can probably know I was not too happy but then I looked over and there were a bunch of people looking at me. Who is there? You probably know, it was Valerie, she was holding hands with a guy (I do not know his name). She came over and said, "hey Speedy, are you okay" (remember they call me "Speedy" at work), I just said I was fine (not really fine, but actually I felt better after "gyro" was in the trash and not in me). The guy did not say anything, Valerie said she would see me on Monday. And "take care" (of myself, probably?). So I went home (long walk but like I said I felt a little better).

So that is a weekend that is a mix of good and bad. I think next year if I go to the balloon thing, I will not get "gyro". Maybe a corn dog?