Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, November 17, 2006

No adventures today and stupid talk about whatever, it is “update” time for a bunch of things

Yes normally I would come in here to the library and write on my blog web site, I would say about “hey there was a thing at work that was so so crazy, it was a man with only one finger” or “me and Samantha ate at a place where the lady who brings the food has only one finger” or something like that, I guess it would not always have to be something about a person with one finger, I am just giving “examples” of the kind of things that always I am talking about here on my blog web site. Well that is not what I am talking about today, today instead it is just a bunch of “info” (that is a short way to say “informing news” or something like, I really don’t know. But anyway here are the updates about things that you probably want to know all about.

First you probably want to know, “hey Brian what is your thanks giving plan”. Well you can bet one thing, it is not like what my thanks giving plan was last year, which was this: sleep until like 3 in the afternoon and then eat a peanut butter sandwich (you see I do not really have a “thanks giving” type family to eat with, it is basically just me). So now this year I have “turned around” it, everything is much better, the best example is that I have a girl friend (Samantha) and you can bet that I will be having Thanks giving dinner (or lunch maybe) with her and her family. But it does get a little complicated (always everything is complicated with me, you should know this because you are always reading my blog web site). Okay yes, Samantha and her family want me to eat dinner with them and so on on thanks giving day, but here is where they are eating it: in Youngstown! (here is why I use the “!”, it is all the way across the state, Ohio! So it is kind of a long drive you can imagine, right? So we actually are going over there on Wednesday night and we are staying the night there at her grandma’s house or whatever, so yes I will be sleeping in a strange house (I hope it does not have “grandma smell”) but anyway I am sure Samantha’s grandma is nice and all that, but they were going to stay all the way until Friday (this is after the thanks giving dinner on Thursday you know) but here is the thing: Samantha and me have to work on Friday (it is the next day!). Here is why: we always have a big “sale” on the day after thanks giving, which is I think always a Friday, also we have to be there very early, not like our normal times. So anyway it is “obvious” that we can not stay in Youngstown, so here is what we are going to have to do: we will take two “vehicles”, Samantha’s parents will go in one car and me and Samantha will come in her car (yes they have more than one car, it is crazy) so after thanks giving dinner we can drive back to Findlay (long way) so we can work on the next day (Friday like I said). So yes it is kind of complicated like I said. Also that is a lot of time in a car, I have not gone that far in a car in a very long time, we went to Toledo that one time but that is not really far. So what do you do in a car for that long of time? I guess we will sing songs or something, I don’t know, or I guess talk. But I think I will run out of things to say after a while, I hope Samantha has a lot of things to talk about because I just do not have that much. So anyway there is the thanks giving thing.

So here is the 2nd update, how are me and Samantha doing, you wonder? Fine. Obviously I am going out of town with her, it is just fine. Yes before you ask, there have been a few more “kiss” situations but Samantha says I probably should keep them to my self, not to write about them on the blog web site so much. It is “courtesy” or something I guess but I will say they are still pretty cool but it is “improper” to give “details” probably. I think this weekend we are going to try something a little different, instead of just watching movies or whatever I think we are going to maybe go to Dayton on Saturday for some reason, she wants to go down there, I do not know why because what the “heck” is in Dayton? (Nothing.) But she is my girl friend, I will support her decision to go to Dayton for some reason.

Oh and the other update is I think I do not really want a pet after all, there is just too much poop involved.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What if they made a movie, it was called “The Life of Brian” and it was about me (Brian)

I know what you are thinking, you are saying (but not out loud), you are saying “hey Brian nobody wants to watch a movie about the goof from Findlay, Ohio” (I am kind of a goof). Maybe you are right, but you have to admit that it would be kind of cool to see a movie about me, it would be all about my life in Findlay, Ohio, to tell about how I was born and went to school and so on. Of course it would not just be about the “little kid” Brian, also it would be about when I was a “teen ager” and this part would be probably kind of exciting because there would be “action” (I am talking about that one time when that one guy I told you about, his name was Blake, anyway that one time when he and that guy that used to hang out with him, I can’t remember his name, they were chasing me after school and I fell down in that ditch and I was pretty “tricky”, they did not know I was in there and then I threw a stick at them after they went past me, of course then they came back and pounded me pretty good), anyway what I am saying is “action” is pretty exciting, so there you go with that. Then of course there is the “now” times, which is basically I would say since high school was over, you have all kinds of good things for every body to like watching, for example you have a “romantic” for the ladies (I am talking about the Samantha thing, that is a “romantic” type of event that many ladies like to watch that in a movie), also for guys there is the “action” like I talked about before when I was a “teen ager” but also that time with the shopping carts like I told you about a few times ago. Oh yeah, also you have “mystery” with that time I had the orange juice situation (I wish I could put a “link” here to show people what I am talking about, if you know how to do that please put a comment here to help me) and also the “mystery” of the beard guy with the dress. So basically what I am saying is every body will love this movie, even a little kid maybe because there is the time when I am a little kid in it.

So I guess I need to figure out who will play me in the movie, I am thinking obviously you need 3 different people: 1, the little kid Brian, 2, the “teen ager” Brian, 3, the Brian now (me). So I think for the “little kid” it should be that one kid from the movie about the dog, then for the “teen ager” I think it should be that guy from the super hero movie (the guy who was a teen ager super hero), and then for the “now” me, probably Denzel Washington. Yes I know there are some problems with that, here are a few: 1, I am not as old as him, 2, I am not as tall as him, 3, I am not black like him. But still he is a pretty good actor, I like his movies a lot, I think they could make him look kind of like me, maybe with computers probably?

I will talk more about a pet thing like I was talking about yesterday

Okay so I got a couple of “comments”, one is from Shannon (remember it is a girl probably even though it can be a name for a girl or a boy, I guess now that I think about it there is no reason it can not be a guy, still I am pretty sure it is a girl) anyway also from “carl d” (yes I am pretty sure that is a guy). Both of them have the same idea though, maybe they are talking to each other when they are not coming to my blog web site? Here is the idea: a fish. So a fish is a pretty good idea I guess, there is no hair or poop to worry about, that is for sure, of course I guess a fish has to poop too, it does eat you know, I do not really understand how that whole thing works, where does the poop go? Does it just float in the water? I have not really had a fish pet before. Oh and also there is a problem, I do not have a fish bowl that is the kind you need, like for example it has to be “clear”, I guess so they can have plenty of light from the sun, every animal has to have sun light (that is science). So I guess maybe I would have to get one of those too. Also you have to put stuff in there, like little rocks I think, but that is okay we sell big bags of rocks at work, I can use my “discount” to get them kind of cheap. Also I think you need plants and a little pirate chest for bubbles, I do not know really what that thing is. Also food. There is probably other stuff I do not know about, like some animals have to have special medicine, maybe fish have to have that too, who knows what else? Now that I think about it I think maybe it is too expensive, I can not afford all of this stuff! It is Christmas soon, I have to think about getting a nice little “something” for “you know who” (I am talking about my girl friend Samantha). I can not be wasting all my $$$ on some “golden fish”, you see already it sounds like too much money. Okay anyway I will think about it some more, maybe “investigate” the thing that Mary Ann is talking about in the comments with the turtle “option”, I will “look into it” (although every body knows I am not a great detective on stuff like this). Okay also I have to get back to work before I get “fired” for being gone too long then I really will not have the $$$ for a fish pet!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I wish I could get a pet or something, like for example a lizard or whatever

The lizard (from the “title”) is really just an example, I do not really want a lizard. I do not have any thing against lizards, they are fine I guess but maybe not the greatest pet in the whole world (not too fun for a lizard to lick you probably). Here is why I bring this up, over the weekend I was over at Samantha’s house (she is my girl friend you know, not too shabby) and anyway I do not know if I have mentioned it before but they have a little bird, actually it is basically her mom’s bird, always she is talking to it like it is a little baby, (ha it is kind if funny, what if you had to put a tiny diaper on a bird, it would not be easy I can guess probably). Anyway I am “making fun” but really it is kind of a cool bird, it does not really do much but if you are kind of still and you do not move too fast and so on, it will sit right on your finger, it kind of holds on with little “claws” but like I said they are little and they do not hurt too much, once I was holding “Henry” on my finger (his name is “Henry”) and I sneezed and he went all crazy, he started flying all around the house, we all had to chase him and so on, even he “pooped” one time on the curtains! Samantha’s mom was not too happy about that but she knew it was just an accident, it is not like I sneezed on purpose but still she does not really let anybody hold “Henry” except her self. Anyway still it is kind of cool to play with a little animal or whatever, I did not really have pets when I was kid, I mean yes, (and you should “pay attention here Mary Ann because this is kind of like your story you put on your comment, I mean it is not exactly the same but you will see what I mean) I had that hamster one time but I left its cage open that one time and we never found it again. How do you lose a hamster? I do not know where it would go, but yes somehow I lost our hamster, dad told me it had escaped into the world or whatever and I could not have another pet if I could not take care of that little rat (I know it was not really a rat, but that is what dad called the hamster, not his real name which was “Green Lantern” because I guess at that time I really liked that super hero Green Lantern with the magic ring power).

Okay anyway here is the point, I think it would be cool to have a pet again, of course here is the problem, Marla (she is my landlady remember?), she will not let me have pets in my apartment, I asked her one time if I could let this dog in my place, it was this old dog that was walking around the place looking for food or whatever and it would let me pet it and stuff, and I thought it would be kind of cool for him to be kind of my buddy I guess up there in my apartment. But of course the answer was “no”, she would say “god sake Brian, I do not need dog poop all over and the barking and so on”. So no dog for Brian, also probably no pet with hair, I am thinking of like cats and mice and things like that. But I think there might be some other kind of pet I could get that does not have hair and does not make a lot of noise and also the poop problems and that kind of thing. So maybe of you could help me out a little bit here, maybe you could leave a comment here on my blog web site to where you could make a “suggestion” about what else kind of pet I could maybe look for, I know there are some places here in Findlay where you can get stuff like that (I mean whatever animal you “suggest”), so help me out please. What is a good animal I could have as a pet (no hair please, also no poop situations)?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekends are more fun when your apartment does not smell like a trash dump

Well okay you know it is Monday, and that is the day it is “usual” for me to talk about “here is what happened with me and Samantha (my girl friend) this weekend, here is the video we watched about suspense” and so on. Do not get me wrong, there is not any thing wrong with a post on my blog web site that talks about stuff like that, I hope there is not any thing wrong with it anyway because that is pretty much what I talk about on my blog web site every single Monday. But this was a weekend of a stupid adventure, here is what I mean: a real adventure is when you go out of your house (apartment also) to go do a thing and stuff happens. A stupid adventure is when you have to do stuff in your apartment because something goes wrong. Maybe I am not being very clear, here is what happened basically: my apartment kind of stank terrible and I did not even realize it.

Okay here is what happened, Samantha came over to pick me up on Saturday, we were going to go to lunch at some place, probably it had sandwiches. Okay but when I opened the door, she said “oh my gosh Brian did some thing die in there, oh my gosh” (yes she said “oh my gosh” twice), but here is the thing, I guess maybe I was just kind of “used” to it by now and I did not really notice the smell. She made me step outside of my apartment for a second (not a fun time for all since it was cold and gray and so on), anyway when I came back in I had to agree with her, yes there was definitely kind of a bad smell, but we could not figure out what it was. It kind of smelled like Marla’s trash cans when she puts them out by the street in the “hot” times of years, basically summer (remember Marla is my land lady sort of, my apartment is the “top” floor of her house where she lives with the husband Gary, who is yes, still out of jail, I still do not know what happened that one time when the police came to get him, anyway I am getting “off the topic”). Okay so Samantha decided that we could wait on lunch for just a little bit while we tried to figure out what was the horrible smell, also I have to admit my apartment is probably not the cleanest place in the world, I guess that would be like for example the place where they make soap, but anyway so Samantha said “we are going to clean this place up to find the stink”. So that is what we did, Samantha helped me put some stuff away, also I worked on cleaning the dishes in the sink, it is kind of weird because I only have “one” in the kitchen, not like in a lot of houses where your sink has “two” sinks in it, you know what I mean, so you can wash in one and rinse in the other one? But I can not do that because it is just one sink, so it takes a little longer or whatever. So we were getting close to being done when Samantha yelled “ah ha” (like they do on TV) and then yelled “oh this is gross”, it turns out that under the cabinet in my bathroom area there was a little container of ranch dip, I could not remember “for my life of me” how it got there, but it I guess had been there for like a 100 years or something (exaggerate) and it was a horrible stink to “high heaven”. Why would the ranch dip be in the bathroom? (Later I remembered how it got there, one day Gary was doing some work on the sink in my bathroom area, remember Gary is kind of a “maintenance” man type, anyway he was working and I gave him a little “snack” while he was working, it is “courtesy”, it was frito chips and ranch dip, not too shabby. I guess when he was done he left them there and I forgot to throw the rest away. The frito chips were actually still in pretty good shape but Samantha made me throw them away too). Okay so we threw everything into the trash outside and left a window open a little to “Air” it out. So that was the stupid adventure with the stinky apartment. the end

So that was pretty much the weekend, oh yeah also we went to see that movie with the foreign man, kind of weird I guess but it was pretty good.